(via yourboyfriendsucks!)

Guangzhou’s yourboyfriendsucks! is a necessary reminder that China is full of dynamic indie music. The Southern China four-piece’s latest release, Episode 1 EP (Qiii Snacks Records), gives off strong Sleater-Kinney vibes, from the bittersweet trilingual vocals (Chinese, German, and English) to the spare guitars that are mostly reverb-hazy but also can be urgent and in-your-face when they need to be.

The highlight for me is the spacey cover of The Jesus & Mary Chain’s “Just Like Honey,” which would be a perfect addition to the Lost In Translation soundtrack.

From the group’s Bandcamp bio: “The music they made are some retarded pop songs added too much reverb, along with silly lyrics in Chinese / English / German and don’t-know-what-to-play-here-so-I-played-some guitar noise…Let’s get old, together.”