I write about music, and I make things.

I do interviews, reporting, and music criticism, mostly for New York Magazine. I’ve also written for Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, Interview Magazine, Bandcamp Daily, McSweeney’s, Electric Lit, Lit Hub, and more.

I’m also the founder of 7 For Seven, a weekly newsletter that shares seven links on the craft of writing and creativity and where I interview writers on how they stay creative. The newsletter is free with the option to donate to a coffee fund. Become more creative today.

And I code. I’m a full-stack software engineering specializing in JavaScript, React, and Python. Recent projects:

  • What Time Should I Write? Inspiring creativity with this database holding the daily routines of well-known writers. Powered by Python, Django, and Amazon AWS.
  • Snap Out Of It! Providing action steps to guide users through a heartbreak. Made with React.
  • I Love That Song Helping music journalists organize their music for research. Built upon tools including MongoDB, Express, and Node.js.
  • is your dog emo. Teaching about global music genres with APIs and cute dogs.

Gmail: bradywgerber

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