I write about music, and I make things.

I do interviews, reporting, and music criticism, mostly for New York Magazine. I’ve written for Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, Interview Magazine, McSweeney’s, Electric Lit, Lit Hub, and more. I’m also the founder of Headphone Nation, a daily blog that shares new Bandcamps from artists outside the United States. Headphone Nation now lives on Twitter.

I’m also the founder of 7 For Seven, a weekly newsletter that shares seven links on the craft of writing and creativity, and where I interview writers every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month. Become more creative today.

And I code. I’m currently attending the General Assembly Software Engineering Immersive Bootcamp, which I am set to complete in February 2021. Latest projects: I Love That Song, and is your dog emo.

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Gmail: bradywgerber