Brady Gerber: I write about music, and I build things.

Hello, my name is Brady Gerber.brady-gerber-website-globe

I write about music and other things for New York Magazine and Pitchfork. You can also see me in The New York Times, Rolling Stone, Interview Magazine, McSweeney’s, Lit Hub, and more.

I’m also a copywriter who runs OPE! (the world’s greatest music blog and newsletter).

I’m a Hoosier and former New Yorker now living in Los Angeles.

Here’s what I’m up to—and what I can do for you.

Writing, Journalism & Editorial

Bylines include New York Magazine, Vulture, Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, Stereogum, FADER, SPIN, Interview Magazine, Bandcamp Daily, McSweeney’s, Lit Hub, and Electric Lit.

Here are some writing samples I especially love.

Digital Copywriting, Content Marketing & PR

I have years of experience working in traditional and digital communications, collaborating with PR and marketing agencies to write and edit press releases, bios, playlists, marketing emails, social media, and other long and short-form copy for 300+ clients including Bruce Springsteen, Carole King, Elvis Costello, St. Vincent, and Bon Iver. It’s hard to condense a compelling call to action into one sentence or visual. I love the challenge.

Have you checked out my writing samples yet?

How about my copywriting spec campaign portfolio?

Bios, Liner Notes & Research

I specialize in interviewing and researching artists and creative professionals to help them tell their stories—what makes us tick, and what drives us to make something? I’ve written bios and notes for CEOs, world-famous classical composers, indie singer-songwriters, and more.

Samples may be shared upon request.

Blogging, SEO & Content Design

On top of freelance writing, I run OPE!, a blog and newsletter that keeps me engaged with music lovers around the world. OPE! continues to grow through weekly longform essays, curated playlists, and writer interviews. Outside of OPE!, I do other various kinds of content marketing and SEO writing using UX and WCAG accessibility standards. I’m certified in Google Analytics 4 by Google and SEO by HubSpot Academy.

I’d love for you to check out OPE!.

Coding, Technical Writing & Documentation

By the way, I code! I’m a software engineer building mostly in JavaScript, React, and Python (and making tweaks to this website through WordPress). I love breaking down complex technologies and tools and making them accessible to more developers and users. I especially love crafting SOPs and technical documents.

Have you read my beginner’s guide to ChatGPT’s API?

Or my introduction to WCAG accessibility standards?

How about my breakdown of UX vs. UI?

Well, you might as well check out my SEO basics walkthrough.

Dad Jokes

What do you call a baker who doesn’t wear any shoes?

My best jokes are on Instagram.

Need a Writer?

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Social Media

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– Brady Gerber

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