I write about music, and I make things.

I do interviews, reporting, and music criticism, mostly for New York Magazine. I’ve also written for Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, Interview Magazine, Bandcamp Daily, McSweeney’s, Electric Lit, Lit Hub, and more.

7 For Seven

I’m also the founder of 7 For Seven, a weekly doc sharing seven links on writing and creativity, and where I interview writers on how they stay creative. Become more creative today.

And I code. I’m a full-stack software engineering specializing in JavaScript, React, and Python. Recent projects:

  • Big D’oh: Homer Reads ‘Cracking the Coding Interview’ Guiding fellow Bootcamp graduates through the technical interview process with this Simpsons-inspired React study guide teaching Big O and common algorithms and data structures.
  • GoDish Google’s “I’m feeling lucky” for local food; MERN-stack app built for General Assembly’s Small Business Hackathon helping restaurants bounce back from the pandemic. (We came in third!)
  • What Time Should I Write? Inspiring creativity with this database holding the daily routines of well-known writers; powered by Python, Django, and Amazon AWS.
  • Snap Out Of It! MERN-stack app providing action steps and games to guide users through heartbreak.
  • I Love That Song Helping music journalists organize their music for research; built with MongoDB, Express, Node.js, and more.
  • is your dog emo. Frontend experiment teaching users about global music genres with APIs and cute dogs.

Gmail: bradywgerber

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