(via Undecimber Fin.)

My favorite thing about Undecimber Fin. is that I don’t know how to classify its sound. “Gravity” starts off as an ambient indie groove with scattered electric beats and a gentle acoustic guitar. But then it sidesteps into a jazz swing with disorganized pianos and blasts of distorted guitars that sound more like tiny noise bombs. The music then takes another left turn with the return of the slow, gentle singing and the acoustic guitar picking that now wouldn’t sound out of place on Radiohead’s In Rainbows. When all the pieces come together, the song is a calm yet distinct mosaic.

Speaking of mosaic, if you take a look at the band’s SoundCloud you’ll see cryptic cartoons as the covers of the few songs the band has uploaded on its profile (I haven’t found any full-length releases yet). These cartoons are like the stills from a strange dream, which isn’t a bad way to describe the band’s atmospheric yet urgent sound. Also, does anyone have an idea what the band name means?

Regardless, as I learn more about Taiwan’s music scene, Undecimber Fin. gives me great hope for what else I may soon discover.

Undecimber Fin.: