(via Sexores)

Sexores is an Ecuadorian darkwave duo made up of vocalist and guitarist Emilia Bahamonde and drummer David Yépez. Its latest release, Red Rooms, is a sort of concept album that’s as sinister as its dreamy and shoegazey sound that reminds me of Portishead, early ’90s Björk, Beach House, Interpol, and other bands that sound best at night.

The songs are inspired by themes of abuse and murder, both in how the culprits commit abuse and murder and how they learn to carry on with the guilt of causing harm to another person. Sometimes the culprit is also the victim, or at least the culprit sees itself as a victim of circumstances. But Bahamonde and Yépez do not want you to read too much into the lyrics – the music’s blood-red imagery and sense of space do the pondering for you.

Here’s a statement from the band about the album’s dark theme: “We had the idea of creating a song for every murder committed by a child. Boys and girls corrupted by the environment, they had a bumpy childhood, much of them were victims of some kind of abuse. Red Rooms is for them. We don’t want to leave a message with this; it’s just our interpretation of the events. Here, the music is telling stories about killing and losing. Sometimes we can find a bit of love beyond blood, there are some clues in Reed Rooms about that. At the end, it’s like each character tries to find a kind of joy through death.”