(via Brödet)

Photo by Amelie Bjurenhed


One of my favorite genres is “BoJack Horseman’s iPod.” To qualify, a song must be deceivingly pretty and must be played when feeling sad on a beautiful day in California (think Lyla Foy’s “Impossible,” from BoJack Horseman season one). As much as we need peppy pop songs to feel positive, we equally need melancholy music to make our sadness bearable and even beautiful, and, accord to psychologists, listening to sad music can be good for you.

I’m not sure if anyone in Brödet is a fan of BoJack Horseman or have been to California (they’re Swedish), but the Stockholm trip-pop sextet’s excellent new song, “Ultra Friend,” makes me want to move to LA just so I can drive at sunset and feel blissfully sad amongst beautiful people. Hell, even the band’s artwork features anthropomorphic animals acting young and sad, which is essentially BoJack Horseman. If you’re a fan of Chromatics, you’ll recognize that spacey sound from the driving drums carrying reverb guitars and stardust keyboards. Considering that we haven’t had any new Chromatics music in a while, Brödet is making its mark at the perfect time.

“Ultra Friend,” is a preview of the band’s upcoming record, which will be released sometime this fall on Naiv Recordings and will be the follow-up to the band’s debut EP, last year’s well-received Mammon.