(via Pairs)

Pairs was a Shanghai noise-rock duo made up of drummer Xiao Zhong and guitarist F. They broke up two years ago, but, as Unite Asia points out, the duo will re-release its last album, ‘Maleika On Casley,’ on cassette via Indonesia’s Gerpfast Kolektif DIY label August 8th. One of the songs on the album is called “Smashing Pumpkins,” so you know it’s good. I just listened to the album again on Bandcamp and yes, it’s very good.

At first, “Blue Dress” might not seem like much – a muddled guitar attacks two power chords as the drummer pounds away and drowns out the vocals, which are always on the edge of audible. But then the chorus kicks in and it’s wonderful – all of a sudden I feel empowered with a sing-a-long chorus that belongs in a mosh pit. It’s one “whoa-whoa-whoa” away from being a great Japandroids song, and the world needs more songs like that.