(via Kutiman)

Tel Aviv’s Kutiman is a multi-talented songwriter known for a sound that Beehype describes as Herbie-Hancock-Jazz-Funk-Psychedelic. I’d also describe it as a less wavy Tame Impala with more emphasis on the bliss you feel when a giant orchestra overwhelms you.

“Shine Again,” off Kutiman’s new record ‘6AM,’ is glorious in that very euphoric sense. Adam Scheflan, who contributes throughout the album, sings clearly and strong, and his vocals are backed by strings and horns inspired by Middle Eastern and African melodies. It’s like listening to an Eastern sunrise and feeling ready to take on the world. The song, like the rest of the album, is a little bit of everything that somehow comes across as natural – I guess psych pop really does sound best in Israel.

‘6AM’ is the first official release off Kutiman’s own Siyal Music label.