(via Foxygen – “Coulda Been My Love”)

Enough time has passed – can we all now re-listen to …And Star Power and agree it’s a great record? When it came out two years ago, critics ripped apart Foxygen for making a bloated double LP that shamelessly wore its sleaziness on its furry, leather sleeve. They were right, but that’s not the point.

The highs here are high man, with genuine soul jams like “How Can You Really” and slower ballads like “Coulda Been My Love,” which belongs in the soundtrack for my imaginary Richard Linklater sequel to Dazed and Confused in which the gang goes to the prom and slow dances to Foxygen.

The 1975, an equally sleazy band also attempting interstellar soul-rock, is having a moment right now, so I can’t think of a better time to listen to …And Star Power than right now.