(via Adam & The Fish Eyed Poets – “Charliesheen”)

Year: 2015

Album: More Songs from an Island

“Charliesheen,” my favorite song named after Charlie Sheen, bears a forbearing sense of dread from its fluent guitars and opening lines of its music video: “Where there is a will there is a way to delay disappointment.” From there things get less optimistic.

Like the postcard that reads “welcome to Malibu,” the narrator, who is the Chennai, India-based musician Kishore Krishna, the man behind Adam & The Fish Eyed Poets, is holding onto the idea that there’s place somewhere where he will feel less sad about being sad. Maybe it’s a physical place, like that Malibu beach. Maybe it’s more abstract, like death via suicide. I don’t think Krishna knows. That’s probably the point.

More Songs from an Island is a continuation of 2012’s Songs from an Island (how clever) and it continues the theme so clearly stated on the band’s Bandcamp: “Two terrible human beings find themselves stuck in an arranged marriage. Nothing really happens. So it goes.” I appreciate Krishna’s self-deprecation in his Kurt Vonnegut-like mission statement and the band’s genre description on its Facebook page, which simply reads “ugh no.” So it goes. Come for the guitars, stay for the storytelling.

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