April 2017 (in music)

  • I remembered the Flaming Lips made more than two good records (’Clouds Taste Metallic’)
  • New Big Theif is nearly perfect
  • Low key, ‘Ghost Stories’ might be Coldplay’s strongest album
  • If you haven’t heard the new White Reaper album, then your life is a shame and a lie
  • Now that the press cycle is finally over, I’m not embarrassed to say that the new Father John Misty album is good
  • Favorite song I heard while in Spain: Josh Rouse’s “El Otro Lado”
  • Kendrick’s “LOVE.” >>>>>>
  • I rediscovered my love for the Beatles, and did you know that “This Boy” is actually devastating and perfect?
  • And “What If We’re Wrong” is one of Ryan Adams’ strongest B-sides yet (and he’s one of the stronger B-side artists)


My 25+ Favorite Songs of 2014 (with Spotify Playlist)

My 25+ Favorite Songs of 2014 (with Spotify Playlist)


Another year, another playlist of my favorite songs of the year. This year’s playlist has a particular mix of random greatness, from gloriously loud guitar rock to jazzy electronics and everywhere in between. This year wasn’t as full of epic pop songs as last year, but there are still plenty of quality songs to hear from 2014.


*p.s., as time goes on I’ll add other great songs from…

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