Writing & Content Samples

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You Don’t Have To Be A Superhero (New York Magazine)

Elevated mainstream understanding of neurodiversity by writing New York Magazine’s first-ever feature exploring pop culture’s evolving depictions of autistic adults, adding nuance to a sensitive conversation.

Conor Oberst Profile (New York Magazine)

Multi-interview profile on Conor Oberst ahead of the anticipated Bright Eyes reunion.

Willie Nelson Interview (New York Magazine)

We talked about Lil Nas X.

The John Williams of Japan (Pitchfork)

A beginner’s guide to the beloved composer and Hayao Miyazaki collaborator Joe Hisaishi.

Weezer SZNZ: Spring Album Review (Pitchfork)

I was sadly not a fan.

John Mellencamp Strickly a One-Eyed Jack Album Review (Pitchfork)

I was a fan, yet I had to address some of its limitations and lack of imagination.

U2’s Zooropa Anniversary Feature (Rolling Stone)

A re-evaluation of a divisive U2 album and its increasingly timely politics and musical influence.

What Does Black Midi Say About You (Interview Magazine)

Profile on the breakout London band for Interview’s special 50th-anniversary issue.

Go-To Karaoke Songs of Famous Writers (McSweeney’s)

i.e. Charles Bukowski doing The Weeknd’s “Can’t Feel My Face.”

Dystopia For Sale: How a Commercialized Genre Lost its Teeth (Literary Hub)

Analysis of the current state and overload of popular dystopian literature and its media adaptations; featured in AV Club’s “Great Job Internet” column.


ChatGPT Beginner’s Guide

Establishing foundational knowledge of AI and machine learning through documenting ChatGPT’s API.

Tech stack & tools: Python, OpenAI’s API, Gradio


Built a web scraping RSS reader to curate music news and essays so that I don’t have to rely on social media to keep in touch with the music world.

Tech stack & tools: Python, Flask, SQLite, Beautiful Soup, Google’s Python Style Guide

Big D’oh: Homer Reads ‘Cracking the Coding Interview’

Refined technical communication skills through this partnership with UX designer Molly Hodson to build a Simpsons-themed guide to visualize Big O and common algorithms and data structures.

Tech stack & tools: React.js, TypeScript, Figma, Netlify

How I Got My First Dev Job

A README markdown repo on GitHub detailing the daily schedule that helped me land my first full-time software engineering job after completing a coding bootcamp.

Tech stack & tools: Markdown


Still working on my drawing skills.