(via Universe Nekoko & Lovely Summer Chan)

“Divine Hammer” is an older collaboration between Universe Nekoko and Lovely Summer Chan, two great Japanese acts that don’t have a large presence on the Internet except for this new music video. The video was directed by Anise Mariko and Yumiko Kobayashi and stars Abi Laurel, a New York City-based art director, animator, and VJ. In the video, she takes a train to Tokyo and explores the city with Elleanor Yamaguchi to the sound of lovely Japanese indie-pop that wouldn’t sound out of place in Lost In Translation.

I agree with Make Believe Melodies in that the music video is refreshingly upbeat and not the typical downer you get with most shoegaze-sounding music. Superhero Mag also points out that this was a special international collaboration between artists in New York and Tokyo. Speaking of collaboration, where is this train that’ll take me from New York to Tokyo? I must find it now.

Universe Nekoko: