(via Radiohead – “Vegetable”)

Pablo Honey is Radiohead’s cursed debut album. I say cursed because it’s only known as the album with “Creep,” which from the start almost doomed the young band to become a one hit wonder. Nearly everyone, including the band, dismissed it as early as 1995.

Which is a shame, because Pablo Honey is such a beautiful album with plenty of great songs that never touched “Creep” in exposure or debate. It’s more enjoyable than it is interesting, and there’s no denying that Radiohead made their first great leap forward with their following up album, The Bends, which perfected their stadium-sized melancholy. But this was a time when Radiohead still wrote songs with melodies (remember those?), and there’s nothing wrong with writing safe songs if they sound as great as this.

Just listen to “Vegetable” and imagine what it takes from Morrissey. It won’t change your life, but you’ll have some new songs to add to your wishful nighttime playlist.