(via Miikah)

Johannesburg artist Michael Bopape aka Miikah produces dreamy hip-hop that appeals to all music tastes. The 17-year-old South African high schooler is likened to other eclectic alternative and hip-hop artists like Kid Cudi, Raury, and Isaiah Rashad, but Miikah’s music is not so much his focus as it is his outlet for spiritual and philosophical enlightenment through modern sounds.

The eight electronic hip-hop tracks off Miikah’s NegativeXero EP, released last month, reflect Bopape’s mindset, which is trippy, heady, and beautiful. It’s incredible how an artist this young can sound so assertive, but I have no doubt that we’ll be hearing a lot more from Bopape.

A note on the EP via African Hip Hop Blog: “‘Prelude of the Compendium’ draws inspiration from 90’s alternative free wave music and curing the concept of flying in this world, bringing to light the concept of the ‘Sypabong’, a term coined by Miikah, relating to an object, emotion or abstract that is not able to exist in the current realm of existence, being too complex to occur, fathom or vibrate… This song is a plea to God to reach the frequencies which enable the youth to find their Ikigai and seek truths beyond the simple realm humans dwell on…”