(via Mayra Andrade)

Mayra Andrade is the ambassador and modern interpreter of morna, the longstanding national musical style of Cape Verde, a collection of islands off the West Coast of Africa where she grew up. One of the country’s most famous modern performers, Andrade has built a successful career on blending the instrumentation and dancing rhythms of morna with accessible pop songwriting. The pop comes naturally to Andrade; the daughter of a diplomat, she was born in Cuba and for many years lived in Senegal, Angola, and Germany before settling in Paris, where she started making a name for herself and where she still resides.

“[‘Ilha de Santiago”s] video is my tribute to the musicians of the island of Santiago but also to the authenticity, care and hope that characterize the Cape Verdean people. I’ll always remember this shoot traveling across my island surrounded by so much love.” – Mayra

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