(via Los Amos del Universo)

So this is what a late ’60s dance party inside a burning rocket ship crashing into earth sounds like. Los Amos del Universo takes Krautrock and meshes it with Jimi Hendrix-like guitars into something overwhelming and chaotic and beautiful.

Peru’s Superspace Records is home to Universo and other great bands taking on neo-psychedelia and making it exciting and relevant rather than rehashing it like your older brother’s college roommate. The label is also home to techno house, glitch, acid rock, indietronica, and other genres your older brother’s college roommate ruined for you but Superspace will redeem for you.

From Bandcamp:

“The masters of the universe corresponds to a desire to pay homage to the krautrock of the 70’s, it is also the result of the reunion of its members, which presents an evolution of its members in the creative field. The masters of the universe was born and was born in the town of Belloto Norte, commune of Quilpué, Chile during the month of January 2017.”