(via Gepe)

Already a big name in Chile, Gepe‘s mellow folk-pop should be in your collection as well. Check out this great profile of the Chilean artist via Remezcla, and check out his latest music video below.

“Chilean indie titan Daniel Riveros — better known as Gepe — has taken a glittering baseball bat made of sparkly electronics and smashed down every wall that stands between traditional South American folk music and contemporary pop. He’s tinkered with reggaeton, re-energized huayno, and reconstructed cumbia. His style functions like a magical lava lamp, perpetually leaving fans in a state of marvel over his amorphous, incandescent creations…The master of reinvention has flaked off layer after layer to deliver a 10-song album that is minimal and largely acoustic. The songs are so scaled back, they would be forgettable if they weren’t so catchy, and they bring out Gepe’s unvarnished ear for melody and simplicity — a side he showed audiences briefly on his solo debutGepinto in 2005.”