(via Fiesta Bizarra)

Sometimes a band’s name properly reflects its sound. Think of Fiesta Bizarra, for example. The translation from the Spanish literally means “bizarre party.” And the music of this five-piece from Peru feels like a crackling feast: twinkly and melodic, fast and thrilling. On the other hand, a fiesta where a guy screams at the top of his lungs is at least slightly odd.

Fiesta Bizarra is a young band from Trujillo, the third biggest city in Peru. They play a very distinctive and lighthearted type of screamo which occasionally turns melancholy but never enters the realm of desperation or depression. Their sound is sort of reminiscent of Floridian bands Gillian Carter or You’ll Live. It’s probably not a coincidence, and it’s even tempting to call this genre “oceanic screamo,” where emotions are still real and burdensome but cold and foggy landscapes are replaced by sunny beaches.

After two EPs and a 4-way split record with bands from Germany, Italy, and Malaysia, the band released their first full-length last year with Sadness Sorrow Imathgination. While Fiesta Bizarra doesn’t seem to want to take themselves too seriously, like the joyful atmosphere and titles such as “:3” or “RAR” suggest, their songwriting is worthy to be taken seriously.

Their songs stir offhandedly between fast screamo parts and math-rock moments. Drummer Mateo Novoa never keeps the same rhythm for more than a few seconds and constantly adds dynamism to the band’s sound. Most of the job, however, is done by the delightful weaving of the two guitars, alternating passionate strumming and twinkly neurotic melodies. Singer Yosefu Rodriguez unceasingly screams with all of his heart and throat; even when his voice takes a break, the band’s sound is truly rousing. Like in “Oh Summer Summer!”, where a more melodic emo approach is chosen with glaring efficacy. Or in the opening and closing tracks, where the tender voice of guest vocalist Noelia Cabrera grants even more variety to a record that’s already a great example of how variegated screamo can be.

Fiesta Bizarra: