(via Glen Campbell – “Sadly Beautiful”)

Year: 2008

Album: Meet Glen Campbell

Glen Campbell’s cover of “Sadly Beautiful,” one of the great late-careerReplacements tracks, will break your heart when you hear it transformed into a country ballad with a lot more strings. This is also a reminder that Paul Westerberg is one of the great ballad songwriters of any genre (see also his unreleased demo for “You’re Getting Married”).

Remember When The Replacements Made A Claymation Music Video?

Remember When The Replacements Made A Claymation Music Video?


The Replacements were great at many things, but music videos were not one of them. But can you blame them? For an 80s punk rock band with no money and only a modest cult following that also had no money, making music videos was not a priority. They couldn’t even perform their own songs live half of the time, let alone stand in one place to film a video.

Their only notable music video might be “B…

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