You Should Know: The Sway Machinery

You Should Know: The Sway Machinery


The idea of The Sway Machinery sounds strange: A Jewish collective based out of Brooklyn that plays Desert inspired blues-rock (think Tinariwen) with hints of Afrofunk. And it does sound strange, yet this is some of the best music I’ve heard in a long time.

Now this band has been around for a while and are already well respected in their music community, but I think more people should know…

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My 25+ Favorite Songs of 2014 (with Spotify Playlist)

My 25+ Favorite Songs of 2014 (with Spotify Playlist)


Another year, another playlist of my favorite songs of the year. This year’s playlist has a particular mix of random greatness, from gloriously loud guitar rock to jazzy electronics and everywhere in between. This year wasn’t as full of epic pop songs as last year, but there are still plenty of quality songs to hear from 2014.


*p.s., as time goes on I’ll add other great songs from…

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