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Imagine if your favorite stoner metal band was more ambitious and listened to more Godspeed You! Black Emperor and you’ll get something like Córdoba’s IAH. There isn’t much to find on the band, but I enjoy everything I’ve heard so far.




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I don’t often hear violins in stoner metal, so Midnight Peacocks quickly grabbed my attention from “Tzar Bomba” and kept it throughout their entire new LP, ‘Katastroffa,’ which is out now.

From Bandcamp bio:

“The Midnight Peacocks are:
Eitan Radoshinski: Vocals & bass
Guy Shemi: Guitar & Backing Vocals
Yoav Zohar: Drums
Yoni Silver: Violin, Alto Saxophone, Bass Clarinet, Keyboards & Piano
Hezi Shohet: Poetry”

Midnight Peacocks:


Deafheaven = Yoga Metal?

It describes the loud dreamy sound of Deafheaven (as a compliment by the way – I love how I can shut my eyes and listen to Sunbather and feel calm), but it also describes the kind of people who really love Deafheaven but don’t normally listen to metal.