April 2017 (in music)

  • I remembered the Flaming Lips made more than two good records (’Clouds Taste Metallic’)
  • New Big Theif is nearly perfect
  • Low key, ‘Ghost Stories’ might be Coldplay’s strongest album
  • If you haven’t heard the new White Reaper album, then your life is a shame and a lie
  • Now that the press cycle is finally over, I’m not embarrassed to say that the new Father John Misty album is good
  • Favorite song I heard while in Spain: Josh Rouse’s “El Otro Lado”
  • Kendrick’s “LOVE.” >>>>>>
  • I rediscovered my love for the Beatles, and did you know that “This Boy” is actually devastating and perfect?
  • And “What If We’re Wrong” is one of Ryan Adams’ strongest B-sides yet (and he’s one of the stronger B-side artists)


Headphone Nation’s 100 Favorite Songs Of The Decade (So Far): 2010-2014

Headphone Nation’s 100 Favorite Songs Of The Decade (So Far): 2010-2014


Am I an idiot for thinking that I can only pick 100 songs to share with y’all and not feel guilty about all the other music that I’m leaving out? Is this list completely bias? Am I brain-dead from trying to write about why I love every single song on this list?

The answer is yes.

Reminder: this is a list of MY FAVORITE songs of the decade, not THE GREATEST songs of the decade. There is a key…

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Four Things I Didn’t Expect To Happen In 2014 (From Someone Who Missed It All)

Four Things I Didn’t Expect To Happen In 2014 (From Someone Who Missed It All)

Five months is a long time to be away. Without a working cellphone or laptop, I was blissfully out of touch with the world of music save the few english music magazines I managed to find. Our reliance on the Internet for most of our news is bittersweet; it’s bitter because it feels like at times you either have too much information or none of it at all, but it’s sweet because I can google all the…

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Playlist: The Ultimate Spotify Christmas Playlist

The holiday season is a great time to justify many things, from eating too much, to waiting too…

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