(via Yemi Alade)

OkayAfrica declares Yemi Alade‘s latest song, “Want You,” to be this year’s feel-good summer jam, and I agree. Produced by Maleek Berry, the Nigerian Afropop singer’s latest release is the follow-up to her last album, this year’s Mama Africa (The Diary of an African Woman). Hopefully this is a preview of a new album, but at the very least, the upbeat, electronic Caribbean groove stands strong on its own as a welcoming late-summer hit. The video, directed by Ovié Étseyatsé, is equally sunny, with Alade dancing on the California beach with her friends (I need friends who can dance as well as Alade’s friends. Also, I need to live near a beach.)

Nigerian Afropop, as Pitchfork noted a while back, was one of the world’s most exciting scenes that most Americans weren’t paying attention to. In our defense, we don’t pay attention to most things outside America (and Alade’s 2014 hit, “Johnny,” did get some decent airplay here), but we need to do better. If Alade is any indication, Nigerian Afropop is still alive and well, and Americans need to shape up and listen.

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