Palestinian children review Tenement’s “Predatory Headlights”


Mr. Alex’s 8th grade English class in Nablus, Palestine were given the assignment of reviewing Tenement’s recent double album, PREDATORY HEADLIGHTS:

Omar AbdelHaq
8th Grade Honors

Song 16 (Heavy Odor): This song is really interesting to hear. The song contains a soothing and calming beginning which I really liked. The lyrics and flow of the song are really good together, and the ending part is freaky but it builds suspense and excitement. This suspense and excitement makes the song way better, especially the part at the end when the song suddenly stops.

Song 17 (A Frightening Place for Normal People): I really liked this song. It’s really unpredictable and makes me feel a sense of a jungle journey, or a trip in the wilderness. The music is great, especially the part where there is someone whispering/ hissing, because it was unexpectedly freakish. Also, the splashes of water at the end are really attention-grabbing and a really good ending to the song. The interesting thing about this song is that there is no lyrics, and hence there can be millions of interpretations of it from a person to another.

Song 18 (Licking a Wound): Even though at some parts the song is weird, dull or boring, overall, it’s fine. The singer’s voice was really quiet and that made the song more calming and relaxing. The part I didn’t like was the end. It seemed confusing and weird. The weird noises just made me think that the singer died after he sung, because they were to a certain point sad, sharp, and had a sense of being depressingly-dangerous.

Song 19 (I’m Your Super Glue): This song was quite nice for me to hear several times. Even though I did not understand a majority of the words because I wasn’t able to hear them properly, I still have some points that I want to highlight. The music was catchy and had a certain sense of giving joy and making the listener feel energetic. Another point is that the song was that the music increased or decreased in volume around 1:04 and the music was able to give the lyrics a sharper sound and to pretty much highlight the importance of that part of the song to the other parts of it.

Song 20 (Hive of Hives): this song was one that I really enjoyed and felt was one of the best. This song contains 3 great components that made it stick out from the other ones. First of all, it used repetition to with the phrases ‘Queen of queens’, ‘Hive of hives’ and that emphasized the strength of those two phrases if comparing it to the overall song, and strengthened the song and its flow as well. Second of all, the song used depictions of nature and wild life, it used bees and their lifestyle. In addition to those two points, there are two repeated parts of the song I really like (they are located at 00:46 and 03:04); they simulated a real attack of bees in its sound, and that sound actually increased suspense and excitement throughout the song.

Maya Sheeb
8th Grade
Mr. Alex
Tenement Predatory Headlights
        Song number 24 Near you, was really inconvenient, there was instruments all the way long until the end, and the tone didn’t changed. But the good thing about it that there was in every 5-10 seconds someone singing, then stop, then continues singing, and then stop. Song number 5, The Shriveled Finger, I liked the beginning, they began it with extreme silence and then a sound of a massive drum, and the sound of that drum kept on repeating over and over again throughout the song. I also liked when there was only one singer singing and the all singers start singing. But it would be better if they ended it without the drum sound, like when they said most (the last word) they should’ve just stopped the song, without putting the drum sounds. Song 12, Curtains closed, this song was amazing, I liked the very cute sound in the beginning, also on 1:26 I loved this part when there was someone singing, and a background voices singing, “woooh, wooooh,” was really nice and made the sound lovely to hear. Also I liked how they ended it with the same sound they started it with. Song number 6, Harvest time, I didn’t really liked this song, because it was kind of boring to hear; the tone didn’t changed at all. Also it had the same problem of song number 24, Near you, that it was really annoying. It would be better if they had a part in the song where there’s singing and a very low instruments sound in the background, or without any instruments. Song number 1, The Of The Cuckoo, this song was really scary and creepy. I liked how this song was different by how there was no singers, or singing in it all it had was creepy instruments around. Also even though there was no singing the tone changed, and there was a really scary part in around 1:33 – 1:40. I also liked how at the end there was a bell sound, which made it weird. Song number 10, The Butcher, this song was like spring songs, it was a happy song, and also they used enthusiastic words. They ended the song with a sentence that they kept on repeating at the end, which was really nice and different. Song number 23, Foreign Phrase, it had the same instruments some songs had before, but the singing and the background singing in around 1:50 – 2:00 made the song interesting, but it would be better if they changed the instruments, because they already used it in another songs. Song number 21, The Dishwashers, the beginning was really nice, it was like the kids music songs, but then a creepy sound comes in with a piano playing on till the rest of the song. But I liked how the tone changed, for example at the end at 2:10 till the end of the song the tone changed a lot, and made the song exciting to hear. Song number 2, Crop Circle Nation. This song was no different than the other songs that has the same instrument. But there was only one thing that I have liked which was the echo at 0:53, this was the only interesting thing in this song, it would be better if they just put in different instruments when the echo comes in, that fits with it. Song number 14, you keep me cool. This song included a different type of instruments which made it cool, and modern. Also when the singer says, “you keep me cool,” he says it in a very cute way, with a very nice singing background. I also liked how they ended it with the same phrase they kept on saying, “you keep me cool.” Song number 7, Under The Storm Clouds. I didn’t like this song, it makes the listener feel uncomfortable and inconvenient, and especially the sound that came at the end. But there was only one part that was kind of cool in 1:25 – 1:35. Song number 19, I’m You’re Super Glue. This song was confusing, because the singer was singing with the loud instruments around and a low singing background says, “woohh,” it would have been better if they turned the instruments off while the singer was singing and the low background. Song number 3, Dull Joy. The beginning music and instruments was exciting. I also liked how they sang the phrase, “Dull Joy,” with enthusiasm. I also like the part in 1:50, which was low, and the way they changed the tone into a low instrument. Song number 15, Cold The Pavement Is. This song had the same style of the others but the only interesting thing it had was in 0:50, it had like cowboy instruments, which I really liked. Song number 9, Garden Of Secrecy. This sing was weird, because the singer was singing and screaming, but that was cool. Also I liked how throughout the song there was a cute bell sounds for example in 2:00. The ending was great, because they kept on repeating the same phrase, “garden of secrecy,” with a low voice. Song number 13, Why We Are Where We are, I really liked this song, at first the singing was lower than the instruments, but then the tone changed and the singing is higher than the instruments. It had a different type of instruments, and throughout the song you feel like the singers are talking to you. I also liked the end, where there’s a loud bell sound interrupting the song slowly. Song number 4, Feral Cat Tribe. I didn’t really like the song, but I enjoyed listening to it; because it had some parts where the singing fits with the music and the instrument, which made it sound good. Also, the end was interesting, because it had girls’ voices coming up, singing, “woohh,” and the piano tiles breaking the tone, which was sweet. Song number 25, Afraid of the Unknown. This song was weird, but lovely. I liked when there was silence and then the instruments break it all, in 1:44 – 1:46. Song number 22, Keep Your Mouth Shut. The beginning of the song was the best thing in it, it was creepy and funny. Also its instruments remembers me with the Christmas, I don’t why. But it was really fun to listen to, but in 2:00 was a part that makes you feel confused, but I liked that. I also liked the echo of the girls singing. Song number 20, Hive of Hives. The instruments kept on going creepy and then going normal back again. I liked when all of them start singing together.

Rasha Barham
8th Honors
Tenement Review
Tenement has a punk rock style of music which can be entertaining to others but not for me. Their choice in beat and lyrics could mean something but I can’t find the true meaning to most of the songs. Repeating the same phrase over and over again is catching but also in my opinion have no point. Other than that I do enjoy some of the songs in the album.
The album for me was divided into abstract music and wordy music; I personally like wordy music which are “Dull Joy, Federal Cat Tribe, Harvest time, Under the clouds, Garden of secrecy, and Curtains Closed”. I liked these songs because I am into Rock music or pop and these songs included mostly both.
The others songs I did not much enjoy listening because I did not understand them, or some like “Theme of the cuckoo” didn’t have lyrics which I don’t like, or it was boring and not pleasing. The songs I did not enjoy were “Theme of the Cuckoo, Crop circle nation, Ants and Flied, The butcher, whispering kids, why are we where we are, you keep me cool, cold the pavement is, Heavy odor, A frightening place for normal, Licking the wound, I’m your Super glue, hives of hives, The dishwashers meal, keep your mouth shut, and foreign piece”. I didn’t enjoy these because the themes in each one were not in favor as the others.

Mona Abuzahra
8th Grade Honors
Mr. Alex  
Predatory Headlights

Theme of the Cuckoo:
I would never listen to this before I go to bed. It literally, was one of the songs that I would have a nightmare about. I did not finish listening to the 2 minute song, due to how frightening it was. It was kind of interesting for a while, but I would never listen to it again. No offense, I think it’s just me.
Crop Circle Nation:
I could listen to this song more than ten times. I really liked it. It was my favorite among all 25 songs. The best part of the song was towards the end of it.
Dull Joy:
This song was okay. I did not really enjoy it. I did not really hate it too. Some parts were good, others were eh.
Feral Cat Tribe:
I liked this one way more than Dull Joy. It also had okay parts (the beginning), but most parts in this song were AWESOME. I really like the part where the, bass comes in, between each verse. I really enjoyed the ending too
The Shivered Finger:
I really enjoyed the beginning of this song. The words were good too. The ending was kind of weird, but fine.
Harvest Time (has come):
This wasn’t the best song. It also wasn’t the worst song.
Under the Storm Clouds:
This song would be a perfect alarm. It was entertaining to listen to.
This one was one of my favorites, even though it was a bit creepy- at least not as much as “Theme of the Cuckoo.” My favorite part of this song was where the violin came in- it made it unique, and enjoyable. I also like this song, because it kind of told a story.
Garden of Secrecy:
This song was kind of boring at the beginning. At the middle of the song it became entertaining since there were bells and the background sounds created suspense. The end was pretty good too.  
The Butcher:
The words to the song were pretty good. Even though, it wasn’t one of the best songs, nor the worst.
Whispering Kid:
I like how the song begins slowly, it makes it unique. The part in the middle of the song, where the beat gets even slower, and then it speeds up slowly, is pretty interesting.
Curtains Closed:
I really like how the song begins with clapping; it creates a great introduction to the song. The words are meaningful and tell a story, which I like. This song is one of my favorites.
Why Are We Where We Are? :
Most of the parts of this song were good, and unique. I like how the song slows down and speeds up at the beginning. The beats toward the end of the song were the best part of it.
You Keep Me Cool
In my opinion, the begging was unique among the whole album, but it isn’t my type of music. I thought it was a bit boring. I like how the pitches of the singer change as the song goes on. The words were pretty interesting too.
Cold the Pavement is:
This song was okay, it gets more interesting toward the middle of the song.
Heavy Odor:
The beginning of the song is calm and nice to listen to. The words to the song create a story of its kind. The song gets creepy toward the middle. The ending and the part where the music stops is kind of weird.
A Frightening Place For Normal People:
The beginning of this song is very strange (positively) – attention grabber. The several sounds at the beginning create suspense. The suspense that is created as the song goes on keeps on building. The sounds and melody creates a story. I really like this song. It shows how a story doesn’t only have to be words- explain a lot. It also gets really interesting toward the end.
Licking a Wound:
This is also a song I would not listen to before going to bed. It gets better towards the end, but it is still a very dark and dim song.
I’m your Super Glue
I didn’t really like this song.
Hive on Hives
This song was by far, one of the best. It had a lot going on. The background sounds of different instruments, and singing made this song special.
The Dishwasher’s meal
This song was also one of the best ones. I really like the music at the beginning; I think I can hear a violin in there. There are several parts that I really like; the parts at the end of the song. What I really like about this one, is that it combines a lot of different themes.
Keep your Mouth Shut
I like how this song begins. The parts where there are girls singing in the background, are what make it really good. The part towards the end; squeaky sounds, makes this song unique. The end is also quite great.
Foreign Phrase
This song was not one of my favorites. It starts okay, but gets better towards the end.
Near You
I didn’t really enjoy this song. Parts were okay, others were eh. The part at the end was okay.
Afraid of the Unknown
The begging of this song is very unique. I like the beat to this song too. There are parts in the middle in which I didn’t really enjoy. In my opinion, the song gets better towards the end.
How I would rate the songs from #1-#6:
#1-Crop Circle Nation
#2- The Dishwasher’s meal
#3- Ants+Flies
#4- Hive on Hives
#5- Curtains Closed
#6- A Frightening Place for Normal People

Nashat Lubbadeh
8th Honors
Mr. Alex


1) Theme of the Cuckoo:
I didn’t like the song very much because the tone was the same, and didn’t change. Also, there was no exciting part in it. If there was a background music and if someone was singing in the background, it would have been better.
2) Crop Circle Nation:
I really liked the song because the tone was very nice, and also the drumming was very cool. The tone matched with the lyrics in the song and the lyrics was very well done and nice.
3) Dull Joy:
The song was very nice and cool, the pitch and the tone were really loud and crazy. The lyrics were so cool and nice. I liked how they started the song by the drum, and it was a very nice song.
4) Feral Cat Tribe:
I didn’t like the song because it was very very loud and weird, the pitch was super loud and annoying. If they lowered down the tone a little bit, the song would be nice and cool. The one thing I really liked was how they ended the song.
5) The Shriveled Finger:
I liked how the song started, the volume of the tone was very nice and average, it wasn’t very high and not very low. The lyrics was nice and the drumming was cool. The one thing that I didn’t really didn’t like was how the song ended.
6) Harvest Time (Has Come):
I liked how the song started, the drumming was nice. The lyrics was very nice, the tone was nice and low, and I liked how they didn’t use a very high tone. I didn’t like how they ended it.
7) Under the Storm Clouds:
The starting was good and nice, the tone was a little bit low. I didn’t like the lyrics that much. If the tone was a little bit higher, the song would have been nice and cool.
8) Ants + Flies:
I didn’t like the song because the tone was low and weird, the lyrics were nice. I liked the start a little bit. If there was more than one person to sing it, it would have been nice. Also, if the tome was higher I would have liked it. I didn’t like how it ended at all.
9) Garden of Secrecy:
I liked the tone and how it was high and nice. I also liked the drumming. The lyrics were good and nice. I also liked how the song was started.
10) The Butcher:
I liked the drumming and how it was started. The lyrics were nice and they were nice with the high, loud tone.

Mohammed Alshaikh
8th Grade Honors
Mr. Alex
My Opinion of Tenement Predatory Headlights
(The Whole Album)

Theme of The Cuckoo
This song not really what appealed to me because it isn’t comfortable that much. The music is kind of scary and doesn’t really make you relax because it doesn’t have any words. Also, at the end of the song, there goes the sound of 3 bells, and that makes me think of a ghost city.
Crop Circle Nation
This song is nice and appealing to the ear because the song is going crazy. I prefer songs that have chaos and craziness in them than calm freaky songs. It makes me energetic and happy to either do my work or change my mood. In the middle of the music, you can hear the voices of a group repeating after the main singer, and that what I like.
Dull Joy  
I didn’t really like this song too because it wasn’t calm nor crazy chaos. It was kind of in the middle. The thing I didn’t like is the rhythm of the music and also because they keep repeating “For every Girl…”
Feral Cat Tribe
This song was great because it had the sound of chaos and it also had some parts that actually made me relaxed. For example, when he says, “I don’t care” and that makes me forget everything I’m worried and stressed about. He kept repeating that phrase which makes the listener go deep in thinking about basically the positive things and forget the negatives. Between every time he talks, there goes a repeating rhythm which is also nice.
The Shriveled Finger
In this song, he talks about the things he loves. So that makes the reader think about whatever he likes, for example computer games. He talks fast which isn’t that big of a deal. The introduction to the music is good but has a weird unexpected conclusion which sounds like some paper.

Harvest Time (Has Come…)
This song is really nice for many things. First, I liked the instrumental music like the guitar and the drums because they fit with the songs word and lyrics.  I also liked how the guy singing made the words last longer by stretching their ends. After he stretches the words a small music cuts in to separate what he said with what he’s going to say.
Under The Storm Clouds
This is also a nice song because the words are happy and cheerful like when he says,”Things are looking good now, under the storm clouds.” There are two instrumental music tones and the both are nice. The thing that I love to hear and that came in this song is that when the singer says something, a voice in the background repeats it with a lower and softer voice.
Ants + Flies
I didn’t really like this song either because it sounds sad, calm, depressing and somewhat scary. The thing is that in this music, the singer is singing calmly and the instruments are producing a low sound, which makes everything calm and I hate calm songs because they aren’t that comfortable and they don’t make me energetic and happy.
Garden of Secrecy
This song is very nice because it has a loud singer and a loud music being produced. After the chaos in the beginning which I love, comes up a part where the music doesn’t go scary or calm but smooth with a feeling of energy. You can also hear a rhyming rhythm at the beginning.
The Butcher
This song is nice because if you hear the song you can realize that at some points of the song more than one or we can say a group of people start singing together like when the all shout out, “Naaaaaaah, danger”.
Whispering Kids
This song I will say its normal because its nor that chaos I like and neither that calm I hate. The song to me is kind of childish but that repeating voice in the background pops up again. So, I think this song is fine.
Curtains Closed
This song is nice because it flows smoothly and nice. At the beginning is sounds weird because the singer said, “Flakes of snow, Flakes on fire.” Now this sounds weird but it makes me think that things are weird so you just have to go with the flow. This song has unbelievably nice background instrumental music. Till now, it has the best instrumental music.
Why Are We Where We Are
This song does not fit with the song I like because the beginning of it isn’t really nice because you’d realize that the guy singing is speaking in the microphone far away of it.
You Keep Me Cool
I also did not like this song because the guitar and the guys tone of singing reminds me of an old man leaning on his rocking chair singing a calm sound while using his guitar and I just hate to imagine that. The song is also kind of calm.
Cold The Pavement Is
This song is the far best song I heard because basically everything I like is crammed up in this masterpiece. The song has that voice in the background that repeats after the main singer. Also at some point of the song you could hear the sound of an electric guitar. The song is crazy nice and sometimes more than one person singes. At the end the sound starts to get calmer and calmer till the song finishes.
Heavy Odor
This song is weird and I don’t like it. First of all the song is so calm and the guy singing is singing in a very low voice that I barely understood. I don’t like calm songs because there freaky and they remind me of freaky movies when the scene is so calm and then a monster pops out of nowhere and freaks me out. Second, the whole entire song is calm, but at the end things gets intense, weird and loud.  
A Frightening Place For Normal People
This is a nice song or should I say music because it doesn’t have words. Well, this music is really nice and I’m impressed how the band gets everything linked to the other. This music especially has no words, which I like and it is made out of weird materials or instruments. This makes the music creative. When I heard it, I thought of a guy shaking a salt can, banging sticks on a jar in a normal way, banging sticks on a normal piece of metal, banging two plates together gently, whispers, bells, crashing two metal lids of a cooking pot together and some piano touches at the end. That’s how I thought of it but someone could think of it in another way. The thing is that there are no words which set the listener to imagine.
Licking A Wound
I don’t like this song that much because there is barely any music, it’s just like a man whispering to us. His voice is also low which discomforts me and I could barely understand the words. In my opinion it lacks music and loudness.

I’m Your Super Glue
This song is one of the best because it has a loud singer and loud instrument sounds. I also like this one because I just heard Licking A Wound and it is so calm, so when I opened this song after it I felt the energy and the beauty of this song.
Hive Of Hives
This song is a good one to hear because it is perfectly sung. The part that was nice is when all of the people in the song start to shout of “aaaaaaaah” because they start together and end together and nobody is faster than the other. My feeling is that this is a song good for the downtown.
The Dishwasher
Nope. This song is not for me at all because it’s too calm which makes me remember calm freaky things a saw or even experienced (like the haunted house in Halloween). The combination of the violins and the piano are freaky too and make me uncomfortable for sure.
Keep Your Mouth Shut
Well, I’ll say that this song is fine, not bad and not good. At the beginning, the song had a cheerful starting and the singer’s voice was medium. But at some point of the song I heard some violins which I hate because they represent the word “scary”.
Foreign Phrase
This song is good and nice. Every time he says, “I found the phrase I think that he had succeeded in something big in his life. The song has the crowd in the background that is repeating his voice. But, otherwise it’s a good song.
Near You
I didn’t like this one too because there is no rhythm that the song is based on. So, I think it’s like unorganized. I think that the music should be clearer and slower. It has a weird ending because the song is loud and intense but at the end nothing indicated that the song will end, it just cut off right there.
Afraid Of The Unknown
This song is also one of the best songs to me. The beginning of it is nice which is also the music that separates every different topic he talks about. There isn’t just one singing, there is a whole group repeating after the main singer. I think this is the best song of all!

Abdelrahman Faqieh
8th grade honors
Mr. Alex
Song Reviews
Song #1, Theme of the Cuckoo:
I hated this song. I hated this song because it sounds creepy. It’s not bad; it can be used for creepy scary movies, but I personally won’t use it as my ringtone, and I won’t download it.
Song #2, Crop Circle Nation:
This song is much better than the one before it, and I think that I’ve already heard it somewhere. I love it, and I would totally download this one, but I still wouldn’t use it as my ringtone.
Song #3, Dull Joy:
This song is both good and bad. I hated the audio at first, but then when the guys started singing, it became much better. I think I would use this one as my ringtone.
Song #4, Feral Cat Tribe:
I loved the audio and the lyrics, but the singer didn’t know when and how to say the words, like he should change the tones between each word.
Song #5, the Shriveled Finger:
I loved this song. I loved the audio, the lyrics, and the beginning of it. This song is amazing. I think this is when the album became strong.
Song #6, Harvest Time (Has Come):
The album at this point is amazing. The music, the lyrics, the whole band is good. It seems that the band at this point is doing everything they can.
Song #7, Under the Storm Clouds:
The album started to become fall. I hated the song. The only thing I loved about it was the lyrics, but I hated the music and the audio.
Song #8, Ants + Flies:
I loved this song. The album found its way up again. The only thing I didn’t understand was that why did they change from rock music to slow and calm music, but I still love this song. I also loved the ending.
Song #9, Garden Of Secrecy:
This song is good, but it is not as good as the songs before it. I loved the song but the only problem was that ¾ of the song is just music while ¼ of it is words. I also hated the ending because he kept on repeating the same sentence.
Song #10, the Butcher:
I loved the song. Everything in this song is good; the singer finally realized when to change the tones, and I loved the music and the lyrics.
Song #11, Whispering Kids:
I loved the beginning of this song and I also loved the singing and the lyrics. This song is amazing and it might be one of the best songs that they sung.
Song #12, Curtains Closed:
I loved the song. The Album keeps getting better and better. I loved the beginning of this and the lyrics. The only thing I hated in this song is that the singer keeps repeating the same thing from 1:22 to the end of the song.
Song #13, Why Are We Where We Are:
Before I opened the song I loved the title, but after I opened it, I hated the beginning, but then it started becoming better and better. I loved the Lyrics and the ending of it.
Song #14, You Keep Me Cool:
I hated this song from the moment I opened it. I hated the music, I hated the lyrics, and I hated everything. At this point the album is becoming worse.
Song #15, Cold the Pavement is:
The Album keeps going down and up. This song is much better than the one before it, but it isn’t as good as the ones before it.
The Album is really amazing and I think this band will have a bright future. The best thing about their songs is the beat and the music; it makes the person listening to it, happy. I think they should keep on the hard work, and they will eventually become famous.

Ahmad Khatib
Mr. Alex
8th Grade
Songs Review
(Overall opinion)

Overall, I think the band is kind of old style rocky, but I actually enjoyed listening to it. I think the band has a great taste of music and that they should keep going. Some parts of the songs were quite and kind of relaxing, like the begging of song 8. Some parts were rocky, most of the album was. I did enjoy most of the songs, mostly the quite ones, they are so relaxing. Some of the songs would have the same liking as my music. Overall, the band was great and their songs would be one that I would listen to and add to my album.
Some songs I didn’t enjoy were nine and ten, I didn’t really like the music, and I couldn’t clearly hear their voices. I also didn’t enjoy the theme, it was boring, as in my opinion, I would say they should edit and improve the theme, because it tells how the album is. Though, I really enjoyed song number one and two, they were loud and rocky. The most one I enjoyed is number 11, it had both rocky and kind of quite in the middle of it, I enjoyed its lyrics as well. They can improve their songs, by changing a bit with the lyrics and louder their voices.
In my opinion, the band needs a little bit of time to be famous worldwide. I hope they are making a new album right now. I don’t want to say that the songs were perfect, but they were good and the music was awesome. The most thing I enjoyed was the music, especially the relaxing ones. When this band becomes famous worldwide, I would be able to listen to them on YouTube, not by downloading. Though, the band needs a little bit of improvement somehow, they should work more on their lyrics, I didn’t really enjoy it.

Amelia Saleh

Tenement Predatory Headlights Album Review
The first things I will start with are the worst songs in the album in my opinion. The first song I didn’t like is the first “theme of the cuckoo” which was the songs I really did not like because it was so creepy. I bet the music is going to haunt me at night. I didn’t really like the song “harvest time”, I felt that they are not really singing but talking in the song and I didn’t like that. Again I felt that they were talking rather than singing in the song “ under the storm clouds” which I didn’t like. I didn’t like the song “ants + flies”, his voice was so weird in it and it was creepy, also there was no music and if the music was there it was weird and creepy. I also really didn’t like the way they singed the song “cold the pavement is”. I hated the song “ a frightening place for normal people” because there was no singing the music was super weird and creepy. It made me really uncomfortable to listen to it for 9 minutes.
There were also songs that were okay for me in the album, meaning they were not bad but not as good. For example the song that was okay was “dull joy”. Another okay songs are “feral cat tribe”, “ garden of secrecy”, “ the butcher”, “ whispering kids”, “ why are we where we are”.  There are a lot more okay songs which are most of them. I hated only a few songs and liked only a few songs and the rest were okay, not bad but not that good. These were just examples of them.
Even though I did not like some songs that doesn’t mean that I hated all of the songs. I liked the song “crop circle nation” because it was really energetic and happy. I really liked the part when they said we belong somewhere else it just fitted really nice. I actually kind of liked the song “curtain closed”, to be honest I don’t know why but it was better than the others.  

Over all the album was half half. Personally I don’t really like this kind of music but this album was okay. To be honest a lot of the songs sounded really similar for me. I think I would rate the album 6.5 out of 10. Most of the songs were okay for me. I only really liked 2 songs from the album to be honest. That is my opinion which doesn’t mean that the album was bad.