*not a great photo, but a great story*

While waiting for the G (yes, the dreaded G), I heard this banjo player do one of the best covers of Talking Heads’s “This Must Be The Place” I’ve ever heard. Seriously, it was just him, singing with a tired yet passionate voice that sounded worn and old like the dirty beat-up banjo he was playing, turning an upbeat yuppie anthem into a mournful ballad that sounded too personal to share with strangers waiting for a train. He also did Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” and a bunch of other classics that you would have never thought could fit a banjo.

Who knows how long he’s been playing in this hot and cramped station. Who knows how many nights he’s been doing this, or what he does the rest of the day. Is he a bored bro killing time and making some extra money? Or is this is life, living dollar by dollar by this musical skill that was born out of devotion or necessity?

His name is Taylor Ashton and his band is Fish & Bird. Check him out.