August 2017 highlights (through music):

-Passion Pit’s new album feels more like a B-side album, but its front side has song of its strongest material yet

-The new Randy Newman album is great and I’m gonna miss the hell out of him when he goes (go listen to Randy Newman)

-I listen to William Basinski for the first time and I guess electronic music can be OK sometimes

-The YOUR NAME soundtrack still rules

-RIP Glen Campbell

-The majority of these songs come from the INHERENT VICE soundtrack, which might be my favorite PTA film (which means it’s just a pretty OK movie).

-Reigning Sound made one of this decade’s low-key best Americana-ish albums, and years later it still sounds great. Check out ‘Shattered’

-I found a new appreciation for solo Morrissey. He doesn’t have a clear cut best album, but he can fill a whole album of killer singles

-K fine, Pink Floyd’s “Eclipse”

-The new Brand New album is still growing on me, to the point it’s becoming a serious AOTY contender

-The War On Drugs is another AOTY contender, but this week my friend made the comparison to Fleetwood Mac, and now I can’t hear both bands the same way ever again (in a good way!)

-New Queens of the Stone Age is pretty good, but “Fortress” is a top 10 song, a seriously terrific rock song

-And finally, “From The Dining Table” sounds like a Ryan Adams (damn, I guess I actually like Harry Styles’ album)