Brady Gerber’s (Private) Book & Copywriting Portfolio

NOTE: I don’t own any of the following images or logos. These assets are for demonstrating copywriting ideas and are here without approval or cooperation. This portfolio is for private sharing. Thank you for your time. If you enjoy these ad spec campaigns, please check out my (public) website.

Spec Ad Campaigns (Napkin Edition)

If you give a writer a napkin

Here’s a challenge: Can I fit an idea and convey an entire message or call to action onto a napkin? Then, can I turn that copy into campaign ideas to help brands achieve specific marketing goals? My solution: turn my ideas into first-draft napkin mockups using Photopea (a free online alternative to Photoshop) and then turn those napkins into lo-fi campaign examples using VistaCreate (free account) to visualize these campaigns.

Parents Magazine: Old School Meets New School

Parents logo


Parents Magazine, a nearly 100-year-old magazine, seeks to engage with a new generation of parents who may be unaware of the brand’s digital shift.


Boost brand awareness among Millennial parents by 10%.


This digital campaign highlights the tech-savvy side of Parents while emphasizing its trustworthiness in parenting research.


Using the theme “A lot has changed. A lot hasn’t,” I juxtapose family photos across generations with relevant copy. Parents can then share these assets on Millennial-friendly social media like Instagram and TikTok (the latter also establishing a relationship with Gen Z) along with legacy brands like Rolling Stone.


Key metrics to measure include impressions and engagement rates for social media and Parents branded search volume and backlink profile.

Parents Ad Napkin
Original napkin mockup
Parents Ad Instagram
Millennial and image-focused social media
Parents Ad Web Banner
A more traditional web banner for legacy brand advertising
Parents Ad TikTok
Audio-focused social media for Millennials and Gen Z. For this mockup, MGMT’s “Kids” would play along with this TikTok with a simple background similar to Video Age’s “Golden Sun” music video. “Kids” is a familiar song among Millennials, and the title and lyrics relate to the meaning of “monozygotic.”

More Copywriting Exercises (More Napkins!)

Spec campaigns are great, but what about some old-fashioned idea generation? Here are more napkin exercises that I’ll soon convert into campaigns.


Bic Ad Napkin 1
Bic Ad Napkin 2
Bic Ad Napkin 3


Verizon Ad Napkin 1
Verizon Ad Napkin 2
Verizon Ad Napkin 3