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1.21 T. Rex – “Children Of The Revolution” The lyric “I drive a Rolls Royce, ’cause it’s good for my voice” alone deserves to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

1.21 HAIM – “Hallelujah” The song that, for me, finally moved this group from good to great.

1.18 Travis – The Man Who It’s crazy how “Why Does It Always Rain on Me” is one of twelve objectively good works of music in the history of music. The rest of the album is not bad, either.

1.16 The 1975 – “Me & You Together Song” The 1975 are back on their Goo Goo Dolls/Travis bullshit and it’s wonderful.

1.16 Weathering with You Climate Change: A Love Story

1.15 David Bowie – Let’s Dance An album that sounds better, and darker, as I get older. Potentially The Father of the Bride of Bowie albums. Washed and jammy on top of a lot of tension and uncertainty; intentional happiness in the face of the unknown.

1.14 Mura Masa – “Teenage Headache Dreams (with Ellie Rowsell)” The best song ever written for an iPhone commercial.

1.13 William Strunk Jr. & E.B. White – The Elements of Style Reading (and rereading) this book is like getting a yearly physical; you’ll be glad you did it.

1.13 The Great Recession Not a fan.

1.13 Lana Del Rey – Norman Fucking Rockwell! The best thinkpiece of 2019. I just wish the actual music was more memorable.

1.8 Sunday Service Choir – Jesus Is Born Releasing a good gospel collection right after the underwhelming yet interesting Jesus Is King is the smartest thing Kanye has done in years.

1.6 The 2020 Golden Globes And the award for most cringing goes to …

1.3 Justin Bieber – “Yummy” Refreshingly low-stakes for something we’re about to hear nonstop for the next 14 months; I welcome the era of washed Bieber.


12.30 The Bible The dad mellows out in part II.

12.29 Little Women The best Gilmore Girls holiday special yet. (This sounds more like an insult than it actually is.)

12.29 Uncut Gems I never thought a fistfight between Billy Madison and The Weeknd would be this enthralling and stressful.

12.27 Duster – ‘Duster’ I’m too much of a Virgo to enjoy this.

12.25 Nicholas Buccola – ‘The Fire is Upon Us’ A solid, sometimes winding introduction to Buckley, Baldwin, and the battle of “Known Goods” vs. “Unknown Betters.”

12.25 ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ The first Star Wars that feels like a Disney movie. Thank goodness for Adam Driver, and this is Daisy Ridley’s best performance yet.

12.17 ‘Watchmen’ (2019) Just good enough to justify its existence without overstaying its welcome. Sometimes (episode six, that Bowie cover), it’s great.

12.17 ‘Watchmen’ (1986) Apparently, you had to be there. I was not there. 3.5 stars. John Higgins is still a hero.

12.17 Camila Cabello – ‘Romance’ Real romance is wonderful, and it makes us boring.

12.17 Kaytranada – ‘Bubba’ It’s thrilling to hear a musician who actually knows how to use drums.

12.17 Coldplay – ‘Everyday Life’ Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness Lite

12.16 Harry Styles – ‘Fine Line’ Does shrooms once.

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